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Line art no color (Message me in notes about your commission before anything)
No color line art much much cheaper for they take much less time
2D Art (Message me in notes about your commission before anything)
This is something i do. I used to do a lot more of it. I can still manage it without it coming out terrible.

Newest Deviations

Sombra bust :iconpathious:Pathious 5 3 Sombra Full :iconpathious:Pathious 2 10 Sombra Portrait :iconpathious:Pathious 5 1 Teaser for Sombra :iconpathious:Pathious 2 0 Prowl Stance Teaser (Sillo) :iconpathious:Pathious 2 3 Perc bong (Commission) read description :iconpathious:Pathious 1 1 Wine~!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconpathious:Pathious 3 2 Plane Turntable Of Bordom :iconpathious:Pathious 3 1
Mature content
Subject: Lily Grassland/ Project Variant :iconpathious:Pathious 5 5
Random Blender Model :iconpathious:Pathious 3 1 Variant Room One :iconpathious:Pathious 2 0 Subject :Rahzzy/ Project Variant :iconpathious:Pathious 4 15 Happy? V-day :iconpathious:Pathious 5 2 Subject:Sienna/Project Variant :iconpathious:Pathious 5 3 Subject: Fire leaf :iconpathious:Pathious 8 4 Subject: Angel Love / Project Variant :iconpathious:Pathious 12 3



Mature content
Kawaii Mika :iconramoncrimson935:RamonCrimson935 53 8
Mature content
French Maidalee :iconparsujera:ParSujera 328 28
Star Blast :iconangelloveponyheart:Angelloveponyheart 17 5 The Finger :iconangelloveponyheart:Angelloveponyheart 6 5 Hanyuu :iconwubcakeva:WubcakeVA 137 23 Bleh :iconwubcakeva:WubcakeVA 287 67 Sexy Maid :iconsaintjamu:saintjamu 73 7
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Portals :iconivanvladik:IvanVladik 58 32
Aria Friendship Games :iconrileyav:RileyAV 276 9 Pit Crew - Rotty Tops :iconthegeckoninja:TheGeckoNinja 384 41
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Afternoon Rainbow :iconindigosfm:IndigoSFM 185 12
Tecuani :iconhalphelt:Halphelt 359 9



more art coming soon and some super special 3D coming as well
Sombra bust
This took longer then i wold have liked because i have been rather depressed lately. This has some new techniques i will be using for now on with hair and such. Enjoy, i hope you all like it. Sombra is my main character in Overwatch and i love her and her design.
Working on anything seems hard right now
Project variant is cancelled with the pony OC's and such since i left he fandom and want  not make pony related things anymore. on the other hand i may be releasing something just like it but more original than with ponies. If you want involvement then please ask me.
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When i became a brony it was fun. Now it has degraded to nothing but a bunch of bitching and moaning. Quiet Franky the kind of bitching and moaning that i can not stand. People don't collaborate with unknown artists based on their skill but more for their own popularity. If your not popular you can forget doing work with famous bronies. The fandom is just nothing more then a bunch of attention seeking assholes who should probably find something better to do then be ranting over a child's show. None the less death threating others for a differing opinion. Opinionss and love do not exist in this fandom. It's a i hate you because your opinion is different and your subscriber level is to low for me to have any gain with working with you. I became part of this fandom because it was fun. It's not anymore. This fandom brought me out of a dark place. It filled me with joy to be a part of something so bizarre. Now i see we aren't bizarre, we are nothing but the next fandom of self entitled pricks. So no starlight is not the main reason i left this shit of a fandom. The short reason and summary of why is this.
1:The fandom is self entitled and only cares about self gain (mostly)

2:The show has degraded back to it's i'm meant for five year olds again.

3: Horse fame is a bunch of bullshit that famous bronies use against you to belittle you (black gryphon a prime example)

4:The little noticed yet highly talented bronies or pagasisters go overseen and critizized making it impossible for them to grow. none the less feel good

5:The fandom has no real principles since "love and tolerate" went down the fourchan drain. It never truely existed.

6: Opinions+ differing opinion= your satan. Your opinions don't matetr to anyone and nobody cares in that fandom.

Now don't get me wrong there are several good bronies and pegasisters, i shouldn't have to label them here because you know how i feel about you. With this i will not be doing any art mlp related.
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Sombra Portrait
All rights reserved to blizzard entertainment. This is my first time drawing people in a long time and i plan on trying it again hope you enjoy
Teaser for Sombra
I have been working all day and this is what i have achieved thus far. Sombra is an overwatch Character all rights reserved to blizzard entertainment. Full image released tommorrow or late tonight. Enjoy
Many times in the past i have opened 3D to commission. Till now i have never felt so close. Once i practice a couple more things in blender i will finally open it up for full commission. I have progressed rapidly in the program recently and i am getting so close to being ready to take your ideas and bring them to life as well as my own.

I downloaded blender almost 3 years ago and i knew jack about it and was way to lazy to watch videos on it. Only a year ago i submitted my first work of it.DRAGON HEAD.blend by Pathious
This was my first model made after two years of teaching myself how to use the program. In only a year i managed to go from this to things like this.

Eris Vs World Finale by Pathious

Eris Pimp  by Pathious

Chica update render  by Pathious

Eris takes canterlot  by Pathious

Wine~!!!!!!!!!!!! by Pathious

Prowl Stance Teaser (Sillo) by Pathious

I feel i am progressing way faster than i ever expected to since i had taught myself pretty much everything i know. Commissions will be open as soon as i test my skills in a few things. Keep your eyes open for 3D commissions are coming soon.
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Prowl Stance Teaser (Sillo)
Sillo is it's name Silloaquatilium Being it's scientific name. This is a creature part of a world i created when i was like 10. This was the first and most favorited creature out of the 50 i had created. This is a teaser to a full model that is already clearly poseable.More info about this creature and it's world to be revealed.
I have finally made my mind up about SFM. Many people have asked me whether or not any of my models will become available for SFM. My response to this has finally become final. None of my current models past, Present, or Future will ever be available for Source Filmmaker users.Demon shim Update by Pathious

Wine~!!!!!!!!!!!! by Pathious

Variant Room One by Pathious

Random Blender Model  by Pathious

Wyvern Toxicus Glaciem by Pathious

Eris Magic by Pathious
 I take to much pride in the flexibility and beauty of Blender to reduce the quality to fit the source engines lacking capabilities in comparison. SFM is not a bad program and i am not hating on it's users. I personally just hate the program and refuse t take my content to be used there. If people want in source they are going to have to ask me if i will allow them to port it themselves. The possibility of that even happening is also slim to none. I do not want my content being used for more bullshittery than it does any good. There are a lot of Good SFM users whos work is both beautifull and eye catching. On the other hand i see more SFM that bothers me than good and i don't want that to be my work too. YEs this may make me seem like an asshole but it is what it is. No SFM ports f my work are going to happen.
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Perc bong (Commission) read description
Now i want to be very clear on this. I in no way am supporting the use of any herbal substances with this photo. I myself do not use it. This is purely a commission i got paid 30 dollars to do. bong (also water pipebillybing, or moof) is a filtration device generally used for smoking cannabistobacco, or other herbal substances. I do not judge people who may use it for cannabis or tobacco but i want to make it very clear that i myself am not a user of this device or the products used in it. This is a blender model as well.
Once again i got incredibly bored in blender and modeled a nice little wine glass. Enjoy the simplistic beauty of glass.
Plane Turntable Of Bordom
I quick modeled the base of a p52 mustang out of absolute boredom here is a simple low Polly turntable of that.
You can blame Overwatch for my absence that is all :d I will return soon hopefully
Subject: Lily Grassland/ Project Variant
Subject: Lily Grassland also as Widow

Demeanor: psychosis, a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality. Patients suffering from psychosis have impaired reality testing; that is, they are unable to distinguish personal subjective experience from the reality of the external world. They experience hallucinations and/or delusions that they believe are real, and may behave and communicate in an inappropriate and incoherent fashions. along with Dissociative Identity Disorder, commonly known as split personality disorder is a psychiatric disorder in which the patients displays two or more distinct identities (like alter egos). Each identity is completely different to the other with their own habits and ways of interacting with the world. Lily Grassland suffers from both. Lily grassland being the more innocent side while widow shows more of the symptoms of her psychosis. Widow is very murderous and is only held of by a drug that is still unknown by any name. Lily grassland is responsible for countless unsolved murders. Definitely one of the more extreme cases for this project we have planned. She is also a graduate from countless colleges it seems? She is far from stupid.

She also knows one of the other subjects adding a personal touch to this project of ours.

This is my own oc so no credit is due
Screenshot 1 by Pathious

 This is exactly what it looks like. Today while cleaning out a car I found a flashdrive. This flashdrive contained a back up of all that lost work. Within these files contained 544+ blender files from the year I had lost.

This means exactly what it intails. All my work is back on track and will continue.
Screenshot 2 by Pathious

Just the dromaeosaur alone was a lot of files. All of which are fully restored and left intact. The files are not corrupt and will be used as soon as possible. he raptor is scheduled to be finished in two or three months. Thank you all for reading and today is a good day.
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Random Blender Model
this is literally what happens when I get bored as hell in blender. so in tonight's fit of boredom I made a cool aid pitcher.
Variant Room One
This a 3D image teaser for one of the rooms for the comic slash fim fiction Project Variant. "3 cells holding six to seven ponies? This is gonna cause some issues. Who will sleep where? The couches that look like bean bags might be the better option. There doesn't seem to be an escape? No windows? Could magic do the trick? Hmmmmm? The walls feel like they are radiating some kind of magical repellant. I can only use my magic inside but something is preventing me from using my teleportation. It's perfect, it is everything I asked for. Thank you" Quote mystery pony

This can be used for refrence for the artists and any future artists who wish to help in this comic slash fim fiction project. thank you and more rooms coming soon. Who is this mystery pony.
Two more characters and group one for project variant will be finished, with this more about the story baseline will be revealed to you all. I have had an increased interest from a variety of people. Project Variant is slowly becoming my most hyped project to date. Far more hyped then even my Dromaeosaur Raptor project. This update consists of the characters we have for group one thus far. and three mystery ponies remaining. for group one.

Subject Rahzzy (close friend of Pathious the main creator of the project name not to be disclosed)
Subject :Rahzzy/ Project Variant by Pathious

Subject Sienna (owner :iconwubcakeva:

Subject:Sienna/Project Variant by Pathious

Subject Fire leaf (owner :iconspyrodrake:
Subject: Fire leaf by Pathious

Subject Angel Love (owner :iconangelloveponyheart:
Subject: Angel Love / Project Variant by Pathious

Mystery pony 1 and mystery pony 2
and mystery pony 3
The size of group one is seven ponies slash creatures big while group two will only contain six?. This comes to the big question of completing group two. I need more OCs and if anyone is interested do not feel afraid to ask me. Thanks for reading 4 slots available for group 2
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Pathious's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
There in't a whole lot to say about me. I like to keep things simple I mainly want my art to be noticed but then again don't we all. I will not allow others to use my work on the other hand I took way to much time into them for others to take them from me... also all real rights to the pony pics i have go to Hasbro studios for my little pony and equestria girls are registered trademarks of hasbro
my id was made by a friend the picture was made for me but does not belong entirely to me but I have permission to use it

Free Visitor Maps at
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got this map that shows how many parts of the world people view me at from here just so you know i didnt make it
Project variant is cancelled with the pony OC's and such since i left he fandom and want  not make pony related things anymore. on the other hand i may be releasing something just like it but more original than with ponies. If you want involvement then please ask me.
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