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Line art no color (Message me in notes about your commission before anything)
No color line art much much cheaper for they take much less time
2D Art (Message me in notes about your commission before anything)
This is something i do. I used to do a lot more of it. I can still manage it without it coming out terrible.

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Tamera New Species
This is the beginning of a new species i am turning one of my OCS into This si a teaser image for what i have done so far.
Lily Grassland
This is what once was my pony OC Lily grassland now as her own little house cat griphon thing. Shes now a original oc of mine. Honestly shes much cuter as a cat anyways.
Soooo not long ago i stated i would be making a new account. Like always i am going back on this. Several people that I  know very well have convinced me not to switch accounts. So because of this I will be working on slowly unfollowing certain groups so that i can better manage myself.  I do apologize for being crude and mean to the brony fandom recently i should be less hard on it. I was once a part of it after all. So yeah i do apologize for acting the way i did. Also i will get back to posting work more often.
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Ok so i left the brony fandom but now it wont stop following me. I will be making a new DA to get out of it completely and only follow a select few of people who create pony content. only because they are my friends. I hope you all will leave your watch on the new account. Unfortunately it will be a new name because i can't use the same one here. I will make it as simple as i possibly can. I will make a new journal upon moving account and i will link it there. This account will remain active to keep my art stored
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Tracers Gun Take One Wireframe
This is not finished yet but here is the wireframe for Tracers gun i am modeling. This is my first attempt and i may make newer versions and remakes of it the more i improve with blender.  This was made completely from scratch by me and it took me about an hour to get this much done. I must say for simple objects i have improved with my efficiency. Thanks for taking a look and a finished version should come soon.
It has been way to long since i actually wrote to my fans. It has been a while since i have fully expressed what i want to do here. My Da has been rather quiet for sometime here. The reason behind this is simple. I have been trying to think on what the hell i am going to do now that i o longer am part of the Brony fandom. Before i left i had done nothing but pony related things. I had created so much art that many people seemed to like and seemed to highly support. Frankly after leaving the fandom i feel many of my watchers have lost some of that support for me. Frankly i feel my page here is going to start becoming a lot more active in the animation perspective. These animations will not be pony related. They will not include ponies. On the other hand i will now take pony requests from people despite my large distaste for the fandom. On the other hand there is only one thing pony related i refuse to drop and not use, My Eris models will continue to be made and used. I put way to much time and love into them to just drop them. The Sunset Shimmer Demon will be passed down to a friend of mine who will be doing as he pleases with it. This person will not be mentioned here because they currently don't use DA. I  contributed a lot to the Brony Fandom. A lot of what i did was sadly either shit on or ignored. The few models that had succeeded will not be put away and never used.

This brings me to the 3D modeling i do here. modeling takes me a long time to do but i will continue to make such things here. I plan on animating things like music videos. I will be using the Blender software as always and these animations will take a very long time to make. On the other hand they can not be made till i get a new computer. Also a lot of the models i want do not currently exist in easy to access areas and thus i will have to either make them myself or find another way to get them. Now my 2D art is something i have never felt very good about and it is also the thing that i was shit on the most for. I have never felt that 2D was really my strong skill. I enjoy doing it but i am not sure how much longer i can actually continue to do it for more than storyboards and such. I always wanted to 2D animate but i never had the skills nor the software. Frankly when i look at my own 2D work i want to throw up and not do it anymore. I was starting to gain that confidence back until some recent events. Events that do not need to be discussed. Don't expect to see very much 2D work here after a while. The few things you will get are story boards for 3D animations and such.

As for what i feel i would like to do here for now. Overwatch is a big thing your going to see here now. I greatly enjoy it's lore and it's game play. I will be making art that revolves around both things. Game-play and lore. I will be making animations for the game as well, i will be making music videos that i feel fit the characters featured the most. A lot of artwork your going to see will be Sombra, Tracer, Reaper, Soldier76, Widowmaker, and DR Angela Ziegler(Mercy) I must intrigued by them. I highly enjoy them as characters and their stories intrigue me so much. All models i make can and will take sometime to make so i just hope all of you are willing to stay with me long enough to see them. I will not half as these models. Each one will take all of my ability to make and all will have all my care and time put into them.

Thanks for reading
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I decided to make Sombras Translocator from overwatch. I went with the shorts design because i noted that in game and the short...The translocator had slight differences in design. Either way i hope you enjoy this it took me a couple hours to make. I plan on making her machine pistol next.
I would like to make a list of my OC's that are being turned into humans or creatures. Some of them i am glad get to become legit original species and creatures while some get turnned into humans.Happy? V-day by Pathious

white lighting will become a human
Lily by Pathious

Lily grassland will become a human

Tamera Baby by Pathious

Tamera will become a creature i have made up.

Evergreen Mug by Pathious

evergreen will remain a dragon

Tiger Lily by Pathious

Tiger lily will become a human slash demonic entity
Tenebris by Pathious

Tenebris Suilla will become a human slash entity i made up

also several ocs that were ponies will be redrawn and finally presented ot you since i never got to them when i was in the brony fandom
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This is the wireframe of an objet i am modeling. It is an object from overwatch. i wonder how many people can guess what it is.
before i get back to buisness i would like to show you what projects i am putting to rest to make room for new ones. RIPTeaser image by Pathious

Eris V1 complete by Pathious

Still frame sneak peek by Pathious

Eris takes canterlot  by Pathious

Deamon Shimmer V1 by Pathious

Raptor project isnt dead by Pathious

Unfortunately i lost the raptor one but the rest are cancelled because i left the brony fandom.
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more art coming soon and some super special 3D coming as well
Sombra bust
This took longer then i wold have liked because i have been rather depressed lately. This has some new techniques i will be using for now on with hair and such. Enjoy, i hope you all like it. Sombra is my main character in Overwatch and i love her and her design.
Working on anything seems hard right now
Project variant is cancelled with the pony OC's and such since i left he fandom and want  not make pony related things anymore. on the other hand i may be releasing something just like it but more original than with ponies. If you want involvement then please ask me.
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When i became a brony it was fun. Now it has degraded to nothing but a bunch of bitching and moaning. Quiet Franky the kind of bitching and moaning that i can not stand. People don't collaborate with unknown artists based on their skill but more for their own popularity. If your not popular you can forget doing work with famous bronies. The fandom is just nothing more then a bunch of attention seeking assholes who should probably find something better to do then be ranting over a child's show. None the less death threating others for a differing opinion. Opinionss and love do not exist in this fandom. It's a i hate you because your opinion is different and your subscriber level is to low for me to have any gain with working with you. I became part of this fandom because it was fun. It's not anymore. This fandom brought me out of a dark place. It filled me with joy to be a part of something so bizarre. Now i see we aren't bizarre, we are nothing but the next fandom of self entitled pricks. So no starlight is not the main reason i left this shit of a fandom. The short reason and summary of why is this.
1:The fandom is self entitled and only cares about self gain (mostly)

2:The show has degraded back to it's i'm meant for five year olds again.

3: Horse fame is a bunch of bullshit that famous bronies use against you to belittle you (black gryphon a prime example)

4:The little noticed yet highly talented bronies or pagasisters go overseen and critizized making it impossible for them to grow. none the less feel good

5:The fandom has no real principles since "love and tolerate" went down the fourchan drain. It never truely existed.

6: Opinions+ differing opinion= your satan. Your opinions don't matetr to anyone and nobody cares in that fandom.

Now don't get me wrong there are several good bronies and pegasisters, i shouldn't have to label them here because you know how i feel about you. With this i will not be doing any art mlp related.
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Sombra Portrait
All rights reserved to blizzard entertainment. This is my first time drawing people in a long time and i plan on trying it again hope you enjoy
Teaser for Sombra
I have been working all day and this is what i have achieved thus far. Sombra is an overwatch Character all rights reserved to blizzard entertainment. Full image released tommorrow or late tonight. Enjoy


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United States
There in't a whole lot to say about me. I like to keep things simple I mainly want my art to be noticed but then again don't we all. I will not allow others to use my work on the other hand I took way to much time into them for others to take them from me... also all real rights to the pony pics i have go to Hasbro studios for my little pony and equestria girls are registered trademarks of hasbro
my id was made by a friend the picture was made for me but does not belong entirely to me but I have permission to use it

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got this map that shows how many parts of the world people view me at from here just so you know i didnt make it
Soooo not long ago i stated i would be making a new account. Like always i am going back on this. Several people that I  know very well have convinced me not to switch accounts. So because of this I will be working on slowly unfollowing certain groups so that i can better manage myself.  I do apologize for being crude and mean to the brony fandom recently i should be less hard on it. I was once a part of it after all. So yeah i do apologize for acting the way i did. Also i will get back to posting work more often.
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